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No, not what your pup did in the spare room!! I often read advertisements for puppies which ask for “$xxx non refundable deposit required to secure a puppy” where the amount asked is often a sizable proportion of the purchase price and this deposit is required before there is even a meeting between the breeder and the purchaser. In my opinion this is entirely inappropriate (and the non refundable part may be illegal, but I’m no lawyer).


I would never pay a deposit on a puppy I haven’t seen nor have any idea of what its parents are like, nor any idea of where the puppy has been bred. I wouldn’t accept a deposit from someone I have never met and have no idea how they will care for my precious pup.


I strongly believe in most cases the breeder and the purchaser should meet each other, in the presence of some of the breeder’s dogs before there are any commitments made. Of course, sometimes this isn’t necessary as there may be excellent references available for either party through mutual friends/breeders etc.

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