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Rescue and Rehoming

Oscar & Chomper have been placed in their new home

Hi Sylvia,

Boys are doing amazingly well. They have relaxed into their new routine, which starts at 6.00am with a cuddle on the bed (which they love) before a walk around our paddocks / dams amongst our sheep, horses and visiting kangaroos - they are very well behaved around the other animals... was a bit interesting for a few days, but they have learnt that the expectation is that they don’t chase after other critters, and come back to us when called (whistled). The workday is spent in the pen (quite large - app 20m x 10m) but they get another walk when we get home and then LOVE to lie on the cushions in front of the fireplace before bed. Chomper has decided that he is allowed on one of our lounge chairs, which we have agreed to - but Oscar is definitely a lover of the cushions. Weekends see them bounding across the countryside as we have usually a couple of long walks down bush tracks (followed by longer sleeps!). We can’t believe how well they have settled in. The first week they were angels, the second week they seemed to try and push every boundary, and then they decided that this was a good place and just relaxed. Cant say they are perfectly obedient... quite naughty at times, but they seem to be able to read our signals - when its okay to “try again” and when we are serious about “no”... must be in the tone! We spend a lot of time laughing with them, and are so pleased to have them with us - we are off to the beach soon for a couple of days and are looking forward to seeing how they handle the sand! Should be lots of fun!

Warm regards,

Rob and Chris

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